Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pool Time

Well, we continued our yard sale today. And since Sarah & Emily spent last night with their grandparents, we didn't have them here to help out with Katie, so we had to bring her outside with us.

One way to keep Katie happy outside is to let her play in her little swimming pool. So, Phil got it all set up for her and I got Katie into her swimsuit.

Katie had a blast in the pool. The pool we have has an attachable slide that Katie loves to go down into the pool.

Katie decided that she wanted Maggie to go in the pool with her.

So, Phil picked Maggie up and put her in the pool with Katie. Well, apparently, Maggie doesn't like to be in cool swimming pool water, only warm bath water. So, she jumped out of the pool, and then went CRAZY! She took off running wild around the yard, only stopping to roll in the dirt for a few brief seconds before taking off again.

I really wish I'd had a video camera in my hands while she was acting this way. We couldn't stop laughing at how crazy she was acting, and neither Phil nor I were willing to move while Maggie was running around like that for fear that we would either step on her or trip over her.

After she had calmed down, I managed to get a few more photos of Maggie so I could share with you all just how dirty she got on her wild rampage.

No, Maggie's hair isn't gray. That's dirt!

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