Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shopping Etiquette 101

Some people seem to need a HUGE reminder to watch their children while they are shopping. This doesn't just apply to "real" stores, either, people. This applies to yard sales, too.

DON'T let your children just wander about touching and opening everything that catches their eyes! And especially keep them away from breakables!!! I can't stress this enough.

There was absolutely no reason for all fifty (okay it was more like 4 or 5) of your children to be opening up all of my board games that I had for sale. The outsides of the boxes make it pretty clear what is contained within, and there is no need to open them up and play with the insides.

There was definitely no need for your unruly children to knock over my tables, spilling out the contents of said games and breaking one of the set of china tea cups I had out for sale with the rest of the matching dinnerware set. I'm sorry, but your apologies just don't cut it. Do I need to instill a "You break it, you buy it" policy?

I'm sure you'll find out when you and your children get home with your new Operation game that you're missing several of the body parts. That's right - they fell out onto the ground when your kids knocked everything over. Do I care? Not one bit.


Heather said...

LOL at the operation game! Serves them right!

Kandee said...

We are planning a garage sale soon and as much as I'm looking forward to getting rid of stuff, I don't really like dealing with all the people. I like your idea of posting "you break it you buy it". I'll have to do that.

Rph Mommy said...

I see those same kids daily at work. Where are the parents? Usually on the cell phone or something fun like that while their kids are knocking over old people.