Monday, June 30, 2008

Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, N-nick, Nick, Nick

We made it to Orlando yesterday afternoon. We wanted to get to the hotel as close to check-in time as possible so we'd have a larger selection of free upgrades (a benefit of Phil's higher platinum level Priority Club membership). Of course, when we arrived at the hotel, nearly a half-hour early, we learned that our suite wouldn't be ready for us for at least another hour. We did get a decent upgrade, though.

Today was spent just hanging out at the hotel. We're staying at the Nickelodeon Family Suites, by the way. Phil got up and took the girls down to the pool this morning for some fun and swimming. Apparently, Katie hasn't lost anything she learned in her swimming lessons and was impressing Phil with how well she swims. He definitely sees how totally worth it the cost of her swimming lessons is, so we will be signing her up for more lessons when we get home from our vacation here.

While Phil and the girls were down at the pool (and I was relaxing by myself in our suite), Sarah participated in, and won, a tongue twister contest. The losers got orange "gak" dumped on their heads. As the winner, Sarah got slimed, instead. You should have seen how green her towels were when she came back to our suite.

After lunch, and a good, long nap on Katie's part, it was my turn to take the girls down to the pool. (Phil had to go pick my mother up from Ocala to join us.) I got to experience Katie's swimming ability first hand this time, and I was just as impressed as Phil was. By this time next summer, she'll be swimming like a little fish!

We stayed down at the pool until the thunder got too loud for my liking. Gotta love those Florida afternoon summer thunderstorms. Before we left the pool area, the girls got to take part in the daily mass sliming. Every afternoon at 4:45, the hotel has a mass sliming poolside. All of the children (and some adults) gather in front of a giant bucket filled with slime and wait for it to be dumped on them.

I did take photos of the mass sliming, but since I don't have any way to connect my camera to Phil's laptop computer here, you'll just have to wait until I get home to see what I'm talking about.

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