Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fishy Version 2.0

Phil may be a great father to our children, but he's not a very good fish owner. Phil decided that there was no need to put the anti-chlorine stuff in the fish bowl when he changed Fishy's water. And not long afterward, Fishy was no more.

Katie, of course, knows nothing of death, but she does know that looking at a fish bowl with no fish in it is not fun. So, we went out and bought her a new Fishy this afternoon. And for now, all is right again in Katie's little world.

P.S. Julie, I will definitely be needing to get that fish tank from you soon. Anything to help avoid future fatalities.


Andrea said...

Bad, Bad Daddy. But on the flip side, welcome new Fishy! LOL

Anonymous said...

Yikes! That was short lived!! LOL Good thing they are not expensive fish. I still have the tank ready to go, let me know if you want me to drop it off!