Saturday, June 7, 2008

Buying & Selling

We continued our yard sale today and had a better turn out than last Saturday. We are still having trouble moving the higher priced "good stuff," though. It seems that most of these "garage sale people" are only interested in buying junk and trying to talk you down on the prices. If all they are buying is cheap junk, can you imagine what their homes must look like?

We have also been having fun with the foreigners who "conveniently" don't speak enough English to understand you when they are trying to convince you to sell them something for way less than what you are asking for it. Yes, we are willing to come down from $10 to $8, but that still doesn't mean you can have it for $5. Comprende?

Then I had a little old lady from Ecuador who I told that all of the clothes that I had in the plastic storage tubs were $.50 each, but insisted that I told her they were only $.10 each. Nothing in my yard sale was priced less than a quarter because I didn't want to deal with nickels and dimes when making change. Of course, she told me that she would be sending all of the clothing she was buying to poor people in Ecuador, so I decided to just go ahead and let her have the stuff for a dime a piece. So, she took 30 pieces and I took her $3. I'm such a sucker.

After we closed our yard sale for the day, I headed out to the mall with the girls to meet up with my ex-MIL. She took the girls to a couple of stores and bought them a few new outfits. They really were in desperate need of some new clothes, so it was well worth the time and energy it took from me.

After the girls were done squandering their inheritance, I let them go home with their grandmother, and Katie and I went down to Children's Place to see what they had on sale. Of course, everything they had was too cute. The swimsuits that I had previously gotten for Katie at 25% off, were on clearance for only $7.99 now. So, I got her two more. I also got her a couple more outfits with our garage sale profits, so now I think she may be set for the summer.

Of course, with all of the standing and walking I did today, my knees are now killing me. My back hurts, too, but not as much as my knees do. So, I'm off to take some drugs and go to sleep. Hopefully, the pain will go away soon so I can sleep peacefully.

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