Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Guess who forgot to bring her camera to her daughter's school this morning to photographically document the last day of school? That would be me. Of course, in all honesty, I was really rushed this morning trying to get things ready for the class party, and the camera was not the only thing I forgot. Katie's sippy cup got left behind, too. (I know - BAD MOMMY!)

Anyhow, Emily's class party went off without a hitch and the kids all had plenty to eat and drink. It was a miserably hot day, though, and as luck would have it, the air conditioner in Emily's classroom was not working today. Funny thing is, the same thing happened in Emily's classroom last year on the last day of school. And no, it wasn't the same school. Maybe Emily has the bad luck.

In addition to not having a cold classroom to hang out in, the school decided to "clap out" the fifth graders at the end of the day. This entailed lining all of the kindergartners through fourth graders up along the sidewalk path through the school and having the fifth graders parade through as all of the other students clapped and cheered them on. Needless to say, standing outside in the sun and extreme heat for the fifteen minutes that it took to get all of the children arranged and the fifth graders paraded through, was a miserable, sweaty experience.

Aside from all of the sweating, it was a good morning. And Emily got the report card we were hoping for. Straight A's for the fourth nine weeks, and for the entire year. I am so proud of Emily's perfect year, and Emily is very proud of herself, too.

Of course, there was one funny thing on Emily's report card. Take a look.

Page One:

Page Two:

Did you notice it? If not, here's another peek.

Apparently, Emily's grades could be improved if she attended school more often. Really? Does that mean that if she never got sick and didn't miss any school, she could get Super A's? Or be promoted to the 7th grade instead of the 6th? So far as I can tell, Emily's grades are about as good as they can get. Am I wrong?


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Congrats on a good report card!