Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Long Ride?

So, I was sitting in traffic this afternoon waiting for a left turn light to get onto the interstate. The guy in front of me was on a motorcycle. When we first came to the stop at the red light, the guy was standing up and holding his butt. At first, I thought, "I guess this guy is afraid of losing his ass."

But then I noticed that he had a California license plate on his motorcycle, and I jokingly thought, "Well, maybe he rode all the way here from California and his butt is really sore, or really numb from all the vibrating, and that's why he's rubbing his butt."

THEN, the guy gets off of his motorcycle and starts doing all sorts of stretches and stuff, and I thought, "Maybe he really did just ride all the way from California." Boy, wouldn't that be a long ride?

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