Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy Day

Today was a busy day for me. First, I had to get Sarah to her orchestra camp by 8:00. Then I had to come home and get myself and the other children, including my nephew, Bradley, ready for the day. At 9:45, we all loaded into the car to go pick Sarah back up from camp. Then, off to the Hallmark store we went to pick out Fathers Day cards.

After we made our Fathers Day card selections, we went up to the front counter to pay for them. I opened up my purse to get my wallet out, only to find that I didn't have my wallet. Luckily, they took my check without me having to show them my driver license. I did, however, write the number down on the check for them since I have it memorized.

From there, we rushed over to my mother's house to pick her up for her cardiology appointment. Of course, we had to swing by my house on the way to the doctor's office to pick up my wallet, too. Mom's appointment was short and sweet - she only had an echocardiogram done. We'll get the results when she sees the cardiologist on Monday.

After we loaded back into the car, we made a quick stop at Super Target on the way home to look for a Fathers Day gift for Phil. While I didn't find what I was looking for, I did find some other cute things for Katie. I finally got her the Radio Flyer Fold-2-Go Tricycle that I've been wanting to get for her, AND I finally found a bicycle helmet that is small enough for her head, too.

Once we got home from Target, I went to work taking all of the plastic ties off of Katie's new trike so she could try it out. No sooner had I gotten the trike all set up, than it starts pouring rain outside. So, Katie will have to wait another day take her test drive.

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Heather said...

what a cute little bike!