Saturday, August 16, 2008

Attention Target Shoppers

Would it really be all that difficult for you to remove your garbage from your shopping cart before leaving it behind in the parking lot? I know it's not difficult for me, and I'm no super hero. Do you think that someone else really wants to carry your trash around the store with them, or throw it away for you? Trust me, they don't.

So, I just returned from Super Target. Every single time I go there (or to the regular Target) I am shocked at just how many shopping carts I have to go through to find one that doesn't have someone else's garbage still in it. It's disgusting. I had to pull THREE shopping carts out before getting to one that didn't have garbage in it.

After I was finished shopping, and had put my purchases in my Jeep, I went to put my cart in the corral. The shopping cart in the corral in front of my cart had two HUGE Starbucks cups just sitting there in the front. You can't tell me that the person who left the cart there didn't see those cups. Would it have been that horrible to have taken the trash with them and thrown it in their home garbage can? Or toss it in the garbage can in the store on your way out? I don't think so.

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Andrea said...

Unfortunately I don't think most people give it all that much thought - I guess they see it as better than just throwing their trash on the ground! But yes, people are piggies! I was thinking about Julie's blog post the other day..the one about people leaving the public restroom nasty. Well I was waiting right outside the big handicapped stall the other day (b/c I had both boys & we just needed the space) and a very nicely dressed lady came out - she clearly heard me talking to the boys & saying "we are waiting for the big stall" so she knew we were coming in right after her. She sprayed pee ALL OVER the seat! Hello? First, it's just gross period. But if you know someone is coming in RIGHT after you & will see you ....don't you have any dignity? I really wanted to go find her (it was at a restaurant) & say loudly "hey, you pee'd all over the seat!"...but alas, I didn't see her.