Friday, August 1, 2008

That Was Easy

I am so happy right now. Every single one of my eBay auctions sold. Technically, one of the auctions doesn't end until tomorrow because it was a last minute add-on, but I have more bids on that item than anything else I had up for auction.

So, how much money did I make? Well, it wasn't much. Only about $50. But, considering that I only had ten items up for auction, and most of them were Emily's used school uniforms and Katie's outgrown shoes, it's not too shabby of a take. It's way more than I would have made off of ten items at a garage sale, and I got to sit in the comfort of my air-conditioned family room while I sold them instead of sweating my a$$ off outside in the heat.

Thanks to my good fortune on eBay, I am now encouraged to find more goodies to sell. It certainly makes purging your unwanted and unneeded stuff a lot easier when you can get rid of it and make money off of it so easily.


Heather said...

I love ebay! A garage sale, with better profits, without leaving the house!

Andrea said...

I am having that luck too on Ebay. I have 6 auctions ending today & all 6 are selling. I have 11 people watching one of the auctions so I expect a bidding war near the end. At this point as they stand I'll make about $50 too but like you said - it's $50 more than I would have and waaay easier! I have not sold on Ebay in about 3 years so it is encouraging! Congrats