Monday, August 18, 2008

Back to School

Well, Sarah and Emily got off to school without a major production this morning. Neither of them seemed very nervous this morning. Emily had been feeling nervous over the weekend, and even Sarah kept acting nervous, but all of that was gone today. Either that, or they covered it up really well.

Katie and I walked the girls to the bus stop this morning, but first we stopped in the front yard to take some photos.



Sarah & Emily pretending they like each other

Katie gets in on the action
Surprisingly, Katie wasn't upset at all when her sisters got on the bus and left for school. She just waved bye-bye and walked home with me. And she's been the sweetest little thing all day, too.

Hopefully, the buses won't be running too late this afternoon and the girls will make it home in time for dinner. Of course, if we have to eat dinner a little late, it'll be okay, since school has been canceled for tomorrow because of Tropical Storm Fay.


Holly said...

Both girls looked very pretty for their first day of school. Loved Emily's matching outfit to her Vera!

Andrea said...

Wow, they are great REALLY looks like they like each other! They look like loving BFFs! LOL! Hope they enjoyed their day!

Debbie said...

Glad they had a great day!!! I know that my girls want school tomorrow:(...So do I..heehee!