Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy Day

I've had such a busy day today. I haven't been sleeping well due to stress, so I've been trying to sleep in as late as possible. Katie has been wonderful about it, too, because she just gets in bed with me and watches PBS Kids while I continue to sleep.

Of course, while I was getting some much needed sleep this morning, I was rudely awakened by a solicitor at my door at 8:25 am. Not only did I have to get up and answer my door when he rang the door bell, but he was standing there smoking a cigarette, so when I opened my front door, I giant cloud of smoke wafted into my face. Yeah, that's just what a cranky asthmatic wants first thing in the morning! I am definitely getting that "No Soliciting" sign this weekend. I may pick up a "No Smoking" sign while I'm at it.

After that guy left, the girls and I had breakfast (cold cereal), I checked my email, my bank accounts, and my eBay account. A payment I had been waiting on finally cleared, so I was finally able to pack up the item, purchase the postage, and schedule a pick up, so it could go out in the mail tomorrow morning.

Then, I had to go meet with my attorney at his office regarding the situation with my deadbeat ex. The meeting didn't really take all that long, but I got there a bit late, so I didn't get out of there as early as I had hoped. I had to rush home as soon as I was finished there so I could pick up the girls and take Sarah to work* by 1:00.

Next, I had some errands to run. Basically, I needed to make some deposits at two different banks. I was planning to go to Super Target, too, but my mother called me and told me she wanted me to come over to her house (the one in my town, not Ocala). So, I went there instead. While there, I decided to leave Emily and Katie with her for a while, so I could run to Walmart without them.

On my way to Walmart, my car started acting funny. It's bad enough that my air-conditioner isn't working all that well right now, but this latest behavior is really getting me worried that she may need some major work done soon. She is nearly fifteen years old already, but I'm just not ready to give her up yet. Please say a little prayer for me that my car stays well for a while longer.

Eventually, I made it home with my girls (at least the younger two) and groceries. After putting all of the groceries away, I went back to work on my purging project. I'm currently in the "organizing what's going" stage. Basically, I've boxed up some of the girls' old clothes that we are getting rid of, and now I'm sorting through them and separating them into stuff to list on eBay and stuff to give to charity.

Right now, I'm taking a break from my project, and trying to figure out what's for dinner. Sarah made some chocolate chip cookie dough when she got home from work*. Maybe I should just have her go ahead and bake them and we can have cookies for dinner. I know it's not very nutritious, but I doubt any of the girls would complain about it.

*Sarah has a job as a Mother's Helper for a friend of mine. As Sarah puts it, she gets paid to play.

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Debbie said...

When I first had Jillian, I was looking to "hire" my neighbor across the street to be a mother's helper. She wanted to do it, but her schedule was such that I could not depend on her at times I would really like or need her. She was and now a senior, heavily involved in school activities....She a great role model. She has maintained honor roll status since she's been in Kindergarten. How nice is that. She can go to a college, university in Florida for free education because of this...She is choosing Ohio State though :(