Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cool For School

I finished getting all of Sarah and Emily's school supplies, minus that one elusive composition book, ready for them today. All of their pens, pencils, calculators, folders, notebooks, papers, book covers, and binders are ready to go. And speaking of binders, I decided to decorate them with scrapbook papers to make them personalized for the girls.

This first binder is for Sarah's Honors Algebra class. (I edited out anything that could have been used to identify her.) Sarah's favorite color is purple, so she just loves how I decorated it for her.

The next binder is also Sarah's and is for her U.S. History class. The only thing I really did for this one is print the titles and such on the pink scrapbook paper to insert into the designated spots.

And last, but not least, is Emily's big three inch binder for all of her basic classes (non-electives). This binder is the reason that I was inspired to do all of this personalization. Why? Because it cost me more than $20 (after tax) to purchase, and for that price, plain white just wasn't going to cut it.

Both girls are thrilled with my work and can't wait to take their stuff to school to show it all off to their friends.


Andrea said...

Aren't you all fancy! And here I thought I was fancy because I made laminated tags for Matthew's lunch box & backpack (First initial & last name plus class) and personalized sticker labels for his snack bags! We are a fancy bunch, I guess! Plus...$20 for a binder?? Wow - they sure have gone UP in price!!!

Melodie said...

In all honesty, there were some binders at Office Depot that were not as expensive (closer to $10-$12), but I figured if I were going to have to spend so much on one stinkin' binder, I should get the one that I could slide the paper into and personalize. PLUS, the label on the shelf where I got it from read "$14.99" but the binder was in the wrong spot and it was actually $18.99 when it rang up.

Karen said...

Hey, I recognize those papers, lol. Nice job!

Melodie said...

I thought you might, Karen. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, great idea Melodie! I am filing that for future reference! :)