Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Taste

After yesterday's lesson on how not to dress, I bring you the exact opposite. When we were at Old Navy yesterday, Katie was full of energy and not happy to just sit and watch her sisters pick out clothes. So, we took a little walk around the store. She said she wanted to look at the baby clothes, so I took her to the toddler section.

Katie was so adorable as she walked around looking at everything and saying things like "pretty," "nice," and "cute." After a few minutes, she found this one dress that she grabbed onto and said, "Try it," which meant she wanted to try it on. She also wanted to try on the matching shoes, too.

Let me just tell you that this kid has good taste in clothes. Not only did it fit her perfectly, but it was just too cute on her. She insisted on wearing it to her dentist appointment this morning, so I took some photos of her in it before we ate lunch. Doesn't she look fabulous?

As for her dentist visit this morning, she did great. Less tears than her last two visits, and still no cavities. The dentist again said that we need to take her pacifier away from her, so we are working on that again. So far, so good.


Debbie said...

Very, very stylish...and adorable too!

Heather said...

Aww, cute! And way to go with a good dentist appt!