Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hold On to Your Hats

Dear Louisiana,

The time has come for you, yes ALL of you, to pack up your stuff and get the heck out of Dodge. Gustav is out to get y'all. And he doesn't seem to be in a very good mood either.

Tennessee looks like a nice, safe place to go. How about Memphis? Go visit Graceland, or take a walk down Beale Street. Maybe Nashville is more your style? Try to see if you can run into some of your favorite country music stars.

I really don't care what you do, just get the hell out of there. The economy is in the crapper right now, so people aren't going to be as likely to donate money to you like we did when Katrina paid you a visit. And your government has already warned you that if you don't get out, there will be NO ONE left behind to help your dumb ass out this time.

Do yourselves a favor and go. NOW. Thanks.


Stacy said...

Yes, Please.. get out, I second that opinion.

Karlise said...

You do know that most people couldn't/can't afford to get out. You and I know they can't afford not to, but like you said, the economy sucks right now.

Rock, meet hard place.

Melodie said...

They do have buses taking out the people who can't afford to get out on their own. I just hope the people are smart enough to use them.

Scarlett said...

Wow! That was a little harsh. I am all in favor of everyone evacuating, don't get me wrong. But I don't think anyone really knew how bad it was going to be with Katrina. The levees were supposed to hold. I'll be praying for everyone to make it to safety and that that the material losses are minimal.

Melodie said...

Scarlett, I wasn't trying to be harsh. My point here is that now that we all know what happened during Katrina, people shouldn't make that same mistake twice. We can't trust that the levees are all repaired and ready for another storm of this magnitude.
It makes me sick when I see some of these people on TV who say, "Well, I stayed during Katrina, and I'm gonna stay for this one, too." It's just not worth the risk. If this thing was coming here, I'd be out of the state already.

Karen said...

I don't think it was harsh either. If there was a #3 or higher hurricane coming my way, I would get out of there no matter if there were levees or not, lol. I will be praying for them also.