Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sneak Peak

This evening is the Sneak Preview night at Sarah's and Emily's school. It's not exactly a "Meet the Teacher" or "Open House", but more of a "here's where your homeroom is and this is how the school is set up" for the new students. Even though this will be Sarah's third year at this school, and she knows her way around it like the back of her hand, we are still going to go for the 7th & 8th grade's portion of the Sneak Preview so I can at least meet her homeroom teacher and she can see if any of her friends are in her homeroom.

Since this will be Emily first year at the school, I am hoping that I can get some idea of what classes she'll be taking and who her teachers are. Emily only has one friend from her school last year who will be attending this school with her, so hopefully she'll have some classes with him. Emily did attend our local school for fourth grade, so she is hoping that she'll have at least a couple of students from her class then in some of her classes this year, too. Of course, whether or not she knows anyone in her classes on day one, I know that by day two she'll have more friends than she can count. She's just that type of girl.

I am also hoping to get some sort of supplies list from the girls' teachers so I don't have to go out Monday night and fight the crowds to buy a ton of school supplies. That is just hell. Of course, I could always wait until the crowds go to sleep and shop at Walmart at 2 in the morning.

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