Monday, August 25, 2008


My search is over. I finally found it. I've searched far and wide (okay, so it was only Super Target and two Walmarts) and at long last I have it. What is it? Why, it's that darn elusive fifth composition book Emily needs for her Language Arts class.

Can you believe her teacher is requiring FIVE composition books for this one class? Sarah never needed more than one or two composition books in sixth and seventh grades, so I assumed that when I purchased four of them before school started that they would be enough for both girls. Boy, was I wrong! Wrong - The opposite of right!

So, now I am officially finished with my back-to-school shopping. Oh, I'm sure that there will be more supplies needed throughout the year, but the official BTS shopping is complete.


Michelle said...

that does seem like a lot!

Andrea said...

Isn't it amazing how hard it is to find some school supplies??? I don't get it. Is there someone out there hoarding them? Why is it the stores can't buy enough? What about supply & demand? I noticed that things like "large" sized Crayola crayons..not the "jumbo" and not the "regular"..just "large" (the exact size that Matthew's preschool classes & kindergarten request are nearly impossible to find. They are around for about 1 month from late July to August and then disappear. The same with this darn kindermats in the 5/8" size - they always have the 1-1/2" thick but rarely the 5/8" thick. It should NOT be this hard!