Monday, August 4, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing

Since the girls were having so much fun yesterday, and were being pretty good, too, I decided to let both Sarah and Emily have a friend each sleep over. Other than the noise level last night, they were all pretty good.

They were even pretty good this morning, too. Sarah made breakfast, and all of the girls let me sleep in. I probably could have slept even later than I did if my bladder had been more cooperative.

Of course, by late afternoon, Sarah and Emily were back to their normal selves and trying their best to aggravate each other. It just drives me nuts when they do that. Especially Sarah. She's the older one, so not only should she know better, but she is also the one who sets the example for her younger sisters.

So, what started off to be a pretty good day, eventually ended up giving me a major headache. I told these girls that until they learned to get along with each other, they are not having anymore friends over. Period.

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