Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Doctor, Doctor

I took Emily and Katie to the doctor this morning for their annual check-ups. Both girls are wonderfully healthy, as usual. They both had to get pricked to check their iron levels. Emily's finger was pricked, and Katie's toe was pricked. They also both had to give a urine sample. Since it would probably be impossible to get Katie to pee in a cup, the nurse put one of those urine bags on her for the sample.

While we were in the exam room waiting to be seen, Katie announced that she had to "poop potty." Since she had that urine collection bag attached to her, I ran her to the bathroom as quickly as possible to keep her from getting poop on the collection bag. Luckily, she had already urinated a little bit, so I was able to just take the bag off of her so she could poop.

When we got back to the exam room, Emily was at the tail end of her exam. Dr. Bob informed me that Emily told him she wanted to go ahead and get her tetanus booster instead of waiting until next year. He also remarked at how tall she is now. She's five foot one now, which is basically 95th percentile for girls her age. She does tower over most of her friends, and even some of Sarah's friends.

When it was Katie's turn for her exam, she was extremely cooperative. Dr. Bob went to look in her ears, and when Katie saw him coming at her with the instrument, she thought he wanted to look in her throat, so she opened her mouth wide and said, "Aaahh." Dr. Bob was impressed and looked at her throat and nose before moving on to her ears.

After giving Katie a clean bill of health, Dr. Bob said he could hardly believe that she was already two years old since it seems like she was just born yesterday. I know exactly what he means about that. It's hard to believe that my tiny little baby is growing up so quickly. Katie's already 34.25 inches tall, and she weighed in at 24 pounds today, too.

After the exams were over, the nurse came back in to give Emily her vaccine. Emily was very brave about it and even said that she didn't even feel the shot. Granted, the nurse used the numbing spray on her arm before poking her, but I was still proud of her.

Once we were finished at the doctor's office, we went to lunch at Chick-fil-A, and then stopped by Super Target to return some unused party supplies. Now that we're out of the "birthday season" around here, I don't think we have any use for them anymore.

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Andrea said...

sounds like as successful a doctor's visit as you could have!!!