Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy Day with eBay

I've been pretty busy today with my eBay auctions. Two of my items didn't sell, but I'm not disappointed because my items that did sell went for a good bit of money. I knew that the shoes were going to get big numbers, but they weren't my best sellers. Amazingly, I earned the most money from Sarah and Emily's old Girl Scout books and uniforms.

So, I've been sending invoices, printing packing slips and postage labels, and packaging up my items for shipping. All.Day.Long. Now, I need to schedule my carrier pick-up for tomorrow and I'll be all set until I receive more payments. Hopefully, these guys will pay soon and I won't have to send them payment reminder messages. I hate to do that.

Oh, and speaking of eBay, I received a couple of cute outfits I won on eBay in the mail today. Katie absolutely LOVED them. She couldn't wait to try them on. And after she had tried them all on, she kept taking off her clothes and putting the new outfits back on.

I took some photos of her in the new outfits to send to Phil since he's still out of town. He was skeptical about them when he saw the words "purple fur" on the invoices. But, once he saw the photos, he agreed that they are definitely cute on Katie. What's your opinion?

And, yes, I do know that Katie will not have many opportunities to wear the coat down here in south Florida, but for the $5 I paid for it, if she only wears it once or twice, it's still worth it.

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