Friday, August 8, 2008


Phil took the day off from work today for Katie's birthday. So, I got to drive the Jeep. I drove Sarah to her violin lesson, and then ran a few errands while she was having her lesson. After Sarah's lesson, I drove directly home and parked in my driveway, as usual.

So, when Phil and I went to get in the Jeep this evening to go to Publix, we were shocked to find this.

Did you see what I'm talking about? No? Take another look.

Can you believe this crap? I thought back to where I had driven and where I had parked while I was out earlier in the day. I parked twice for Sarah's violin lesson and once at the library. All of my other errands took place in drive-thrus, so there was no way anyone could have hit me there, not to mention that I would have known about it if it had happened while I was in the vehicle. Since the space that I parked in at the library was next to a tree on the side that was hit, it couldn't have happened there either.

Obviously, the person who hit my car, did it in the parking lot of the music school where Sarah has her lessons. And I'm pretty sure that I recall parking next to a white minivan during one of my stops there.

I'm really pissed off that someone would just hit my Jeep and keep on driving. If they were parked at the music school, they were most likely a parent, someone who is supposed to be responsible. I wonder if they had their child in the van with them when they hit my Jeep. What kind of lesson does that teach their child to see their parent just hit another vehicle and drive off like nothing happened? From the damage and paint on my Jeep, they have to have some kind of damage to their vehicle, too.

I really hope that their child has another class next Friday, too. I plan to get there early for Sarah's lesson and stake out the parking lot to try to catch the person responsible for the damage to my Jeep. We haven't even had her two months yet, you know.

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