Sunday, January 27, 2008

10 Things I've Done

My friend Julie has made choosing a topic for my post today easy for me. The contents of the post, not so much. Julie tagged me (and the other ladies participating in our playgroup blogging challenge) for a meme. Here we go.

List ten things I have done that others likely have not. This was very difficult to do.

1. I have broken both of my wrists within 24 hours of each other.

2. I was crowned Miss Flamette in the local Riverview beauty pageant when I was nine years old.

3. I was given an award for being the best student in the education department while I was attending HCC.

4. I burned my cornea with a curling iron when I was in high school.

5. I vomitted on my father's boss's daughter while flying on their private plane when I was a toddler.

6. I married my ex-husband's Best Man from our wedding.

7. I slid down a swing chain when I was a child and cut my labia. (Yeah, that one hurt and the ER visit was not pleasant.)

8. I beat up a bully who was beating up my brother because the adult in charge wouldn't do anything about it.

9. I sprained both my wrist and my ankle during the same outing to Adventure Island.

10. I accidentally burned my hand with boiling water two years in a row while making macaroni-n-cheese before going to the annual church picnic.

So there you have it folks. Ten things I've done. In looking back over my list, it seems pretty obvious that I used to be a major klutz, considering that half of my list consists of injuries I've incurred.

UPDATE: After taking a little more time to think about this topic, I have come up with a couple more things.

1. I was on Romper Room when I was two years old. They were only supposed to take three and four year olds, but they let me on because I could count, knew my alphabet, and could recite my pledge of allegiance.

2. I took classes for gifted children at USF when I was four and five years old.

3. I was filmed as part of the opening sequence of a kids' news program that ran in Kentucky.

4. I was in a Busch Gardens and Kash-n-Karry commercial when I was a child.


Kandee said...

THat's an awesome list you have. I can relate to the klutz thing. I guess I should share mine on my blog, huh?

AmySue73 said...

I like your list... at least you're keepin' it real!