Friday, January 11, 2008

New Game Plan

So, I was just sitting here thinking about how I'm not getting anything accomplished, when I started thinking about my "to do" list endeavors. As stated in a previous post, I haven't really been doing very well with my "to do" lists. So, I've decided that instead of having a daily list, I will switch to having a weekly list. This will give me more flexibility in accomplishing my tasks. If I have a "blah" day and don't get anything accomplished, I can make up for it on another day. Hopefully, this will help me get more accomplished instead of being depressed that I'm not getting anything done.

Emily suggested that I post my "to do" lists on my blog page, and maybe I will do that someday, but right now I'm just not ready to share with you the menial tasks that I am incapable of accomplishing.

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