Saturday, January 5, 2008


Following in Julie's footsteps, I have a F*cktard award to give out. This one goes to the stupid cashier at Little Caeser's Pizza last night. I don't know what was going on there, but their pizza's were not "Hot-N-Ready" like their ads and signs proclaim. They may have been hot, but they certainly were not ready. Of course, the stupid cashier did not make this little fact known to any of the customers unless they asked, which was usually after they had already paid and were not immediately handed their pizzas like normal.

While waiting for my pizzas to be ready, one lady with her three or four daughters came in and ordered a couple of pizzas. After paying for them and not getting them, the lady asked how long it would be and was told "a half-hour." She then says, "Oh, well, I can't wait that long." So, the stupid girl rolls her eyes, huffs, and yells in a snotty tone, "I need a refund!" Then her manager had to come up to the front and get the key to give the lady her refund. Then they made the lady write her name and address on her order to get her refund. How f*cking hard would it have been for the stupid girl to tell the customers that it was going to be a wait for their pizzas BEFORE they placed their orders? The sign says "Hot-N-Ready." If the pizza is not going to be "Hot-N-Ready," then they need to tell people and give them the option of not placing an order. At the very least, they could have put up a sign.

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