Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ode to Rubbermaid

Oh, Rubbermaid, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

One... two... three... four... five. Yep, I count five.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to locate my sixth container at this time, so I'm stuck using a clothes basket, which just irritates my OCD to no end. However, everything that is in those containers, and that awful basket mocking me with its non-conformity, is extremely organized. I have one container loaded with boys' clothes, one container full of shoes, one container with girls' bottoms, one container with girls' short-sleeved tops, and one container with girls' long-sleeved tops and dresses. And the evil basket contains girls' outerwear.

Ladies, please promise me that when you see my containers and their contents, you won't call 9-1-1 and have me committed. Technically, it's not really a disorder unless it keeps me from living a normal life, right? Of course, if I start screaming at you for messing up the perfectly organized contents of my Rubbermaid containers, somebody's gonna have to slap the crazy out of me!


Holly said...

Wow, that's about all I have to say! All my stuff is in one unorganized laundry basket!

Anonymous said...

Oh lawd... if you're committed, then they better commit me too. I love me some containers!