Saturday, January 19, 2008

What Are They Feeding These Kids?

Today we went to Emily's soccer game up in Dade City. We had played another team from this soccer club last month, and all of the girls seemed to be evenly matched up size-wise. This week was a completely different story, though.

The team we played today had this one girl on their team who was HUGE. Emily and another girl on her team are the oldest and tallest girls on her team. This girl on the team we played today, was a full head taller than both of them. I really wish that I had taken some pictures so you could get a visual on this. Our coach said she double-checked this girl's age before the game and she is actually YOUNGER than Emily. ...By a couple of months.

This HUGE girl was playing very aggressively during the game and had a few penalties called on her for pushing. At one point in the game, she pushed one of our smaller girls down with her butt*. Our girl took the hit at the top of her back, right between the shoulders. Picture that for a moment. This girl was so HUGE that her butt was at the same level as our girl's shoulders.

Anyhow, it was a good game to watch. Our girls played great, with the exception of the first goal we scored. One of our girls accidentally caused the ball to go into our own goal, so the other team got the point. After that, though, each team scored two goals. So, if it hadn't been for that one freak thing, it would have been a tied game.

Also, in the fourth quarter of the game, Emily got put in as goalie. She did a great job, and didn't allow any points to be scored on her. She didn't seem so sure of herself when she first went in, but with every goal she blocked, she gained a little more confidence and was quite good by the end of the game.

*The HUGE girl didn't get a penalty called on her for this one. Either pushing someone down with your butt isn't against the rules, or the ref didn't see it happen.

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Kandee said...

I remember a game we had when I was on the JV basketball team when I was in 9th grade. I was ineligible to play because I was too old and it was against a 7-8 grade team, despite the fact I was one of the "small" ones and was really 8th grade age (I started school when I was 4). It ticked me off, but rules are rules...maybe that girl was really just...BIG for her age. I went to school with girls like that...intimidated the crap out of me.