Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Motivation, or Lack Thereof

Excuse me, but if you see my motivation, could you please bring it back to me?

Seriously, I'm sitting here, and I can think of at least five or six different things that I could be doing right now, things that need to get done, but I just have absolutely no motivation to get up and do any of them.

I think that I'll put Katie down for a nap and try to take a hot bath. That usually makes me feel better, and it should also help me to stop shivering, which is a major deterrent to getting out from under the blankets.

I'll update you later to let you know if I manage to accomplish anything today.

UPDATE: So, I did get to take my hot bath, and it felt so good that I was in there for over an hour. Shortly after I got out, Katie woke up and needed to be fed. Then I had to go pick Emily up from school. Once we got home, everything was so hectic between trying to get Emily to do her homework and get ready for soccer practice, and figuring out dinner, and keeping Katie out of trouble, that I really wasn't able to get anything else accomplished. Oh, well. At least I was clean!


Kandee said...

I have days like that. I actually set my laptop beside the couch and lounge all day with it. Sad, I know. Even the kids get bored with me when I get like that.

Heather said...

Sooo, I'm waiting. What did you accomplish. LOL!