Thursday, January 3, 2008

Al Gore is a Big Fat Liar!

Have I ever mentioned how much I HATE cold weather? I am a born and bred Florida Girl, and I was just not made to withstand temperatures below 70 degrees. Most of my northern-transplant friends are just loving this cold weather, but I am miserable.

When it gets cold like this, I can’t get anything accomplished, which is really putting a damper on starting on a few of my New Year’s resolutions. I am so cold, even with the thermostat set at 70 or 72 degrees, that I just bundle up and wrap myself in a blanket and wait for it to pass.

My father holds my mortgage on my house, and I usually have lunch with him on the first or second day of the month so I can give him my mortgage check. I had to call him Wednesday morning and beg him to let me come on Friday (the 4th) instead because it is just too darn cold for me to leave the house. Sarah had an appointment scheduled for this morning and I called to reschedule it because I can’t bring myself to brave the freezing cold temperatures this morning.

Hey, Al!! Whatever happened to all that Global Warming you’re always yapping about? How about sending some of it my way?

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