Monday, January 21, 2008

F*cktard of the Week

I bought something on eBay last Sunday. No, not yesterday, a week before that. As soon as the auction ended, I immediately paid for the item. The item description, as well as the shipping information, stated that I was paying for USPS Priority Mail shipping. So, I figured, best-case scenario - I get the item by Wednesday; worst-case scenario - he waits until Wednesday to ship the item and I don't get it until Saturday.

Well, the entire week came and went, with said item never showing up in my mailbox. So, I send a message to this person asking them when they shipped my item since I had not yet received it. Today, I got a response to my question. "Dear mel0die,
You should be getting your item this week. There is a holiday in there so that may of held up time alittle. It was sent 1st class mail. Thanks
- be4today"

I'm usually a rather patient person (Shut up! I am to!), but right now I just want to reach through the internet and slap the sh!t out of this person. "There is a holiday in there"?? Hello? What holiday? Was there a holiday last week that I wasn't made aware of? I pretty sure my mail ran every day, so whatever this imaginary holiday was, it obviously didn't affect the USPS. "It was sent 1st class mail"??? Seriously?? After you specified and I PAID for PRIORITY MAIL you decided to just send it FIRST CLASS?? Are you just trying to make an extra buck? Like it wasn't bad enough that I was being charged $5.50 for $4.60 shipping, you still had to be even more greedy with my shipping money. I think I deserve a refund at the very least.

Thanks for nothing, F*cktard!


Heather said...

well, today is actually a postal holiday, but yes, this person does sound like a moron.

Melodie said...

I know today is, but there was no holiday last week when the item was supposed to be shipped. AND, they never actually answered my question as to when they shipped it, they just said I should get it this week. Sounds to me like they don't want me to know when they shipped it. It'll be interesting to find out if I ever do get my item.

Stacy said...

Not as bad as me!! I paid for an ebay item on Dec. 28th and just got it this past Sat. Jan 19. Good Luck!!

Melodie said...

Am I the only eBay seller who actually ships things out when I say I will? Jeesh! I hope I don't have to wait as long as you, Stacy.

Karlise said...

As long as they ship within 7 days, they are protected by PayPal. They actually have 30 days to ship though by law. Did they state in their auction what days they ship?

Melodie said...

They did not state when they would ship, but they did state, more than once, that they would ship Priority (unless I chose to pay less for Parcel Post). I think when you pay for Priority, you should get Priority.