Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another Day at the Hospital

I had another long day at the hospital. It feels like life is just passing me by while I am stuck there with my mother. I know exactly how she feels about wanting to get out of there ASAP.

Poor Katie is getting bored with being at the hospital all of the time, too. She's okay in the morning when PBS has all of its kids' shows on, but once she's had her lunch and nap, she's just a bundle of energy with nothing to do. And of course, by that point, any energy I may have had has been totally zapped, and I have a hard time wrangling her.

As I'm sure you suspect, my mother is spending another night in the hospital. Her blood pressure has been really low, so her doctors are adjusting her medications to try to get it up before releasing her. She's now been in the hospital for an entire week.

The pain in her leg went away, which is good, and the pain in her arm from the blood clot is getting better, too. Her appetite has increased, and she's finally enjoying most of her meals.

I told mom that we want her to come live with us when she gets out of the hospital. Phil seems all gung ho about her moving in permanently. How many husbands actually like and want their mothers-in-law living with them? I guess I'm lucky in that respect. Phil also told the girls that we are all going to be changing our diets to accommodate mom's new "heart healthy" diet plan. He's been thinking a lot about what meals he'll be cooking for her. He's a wonderful husband.

The doctors have again said that "maybe tomorrow" will be the day mom gets to go home. Let's all pray that tomorrow is actually the day. (Oh, but please also pray that she's not released too early because I have to take Sarah to the dentist in the morning before I go to the hospital.) Thanks!

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Phil said...

Just trying to save the world, Baby.