Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Oh, No!

CRAP! I feel like a horrible mother! In my neglect of nearly everything but my mother and the basic necessities of life, I forgot to send Sarah's permission slip and money in to school with her on Monday for her 7th grade field trip to Busch Gardens. I just now realized this when I started going through my pile of papers on my desk. I have no idea if Sarah is aware of this or not yet.

I emailed her team leader (the teacher in charge of all of her non-elective teachers) and explained the situation and asked if there was any way possible for Sarah to still be included in the trip. Considering the extenuating circumstances and the fact that Sarah has done a lot this year to help out her team leader, I'm sure that if it is at all possible, she'll be able to go. But if not, I don't know how I'll make this up to Sarah.


Debbie said...

How much more can you handle....You are doing a marvelous job all around, trying to juggle so much...I would hope that the circumstances involved, there should be no doubt that she can still go to Busch Gardens...

Andrea said...

Exceptions can always be made - I am sure they can be understanding of the situation. Hang in are NOT a terrible mother, on the contrary, you are a wonderful role model to them of how to be a great Mom