Saturday, April 26, 2008


Phil has some work to take care of today, so I decided to tag along. Right now, I am blogging from his laptop in his truck as we are traveling south on I-75. We are headed to the Port Charlotte area.

Before we left for Port Charlotte, Phil had to pick some guy up from the airport and take him to pick up one of the company trucks that he will be driving to Hilton Head, SC. Since Phil didn't know this guy, and we were picking him up from the terminal loading area, he gave a description of himself to Phil. He described himself as looking "like John Lennon."

At no point did we encounter anyone who looked like John Lennon, but this guy came and got in the truck and introduced himself to Phil as the guy he was supposed to be picking up. The first thing out of his mouth after the introductions was that there was only one thing that he did not have in common with John Lennon and that was that he couldn't stand to be around smokers.

Then this guy goes and starts spouting all of his conspiracy theories about how the CIA programmed Mark David Chapman to assassinate John Lennon. They also programmed whoever killed Bobby Kennedy. He also said that when John Lennon was in the ambulance on his way to the hospital to be treated for his non-life threatening gun shot wound from Chapman, the CIA shot him again to make sure it was fatal.

Then he started in on how there were all of these witnesses when JFK was assassinated that saw bullets flying from all different directions, but that the government had killed them to keep the "truth" from coming out that it wasn't just a lone gunman. Oh, and according to him, the government is also covering up that there really are UFOs and extraterrestrials.

This guy was a total fruitcake, and I can't say that I was sad to see him go. I told Phil that the probable reason that he is a solo long distance truck driver (delivering trucks from one place to another) is because he wouldn't be able to work very well with others. I only had to be near him for about 20 minutes, but that was really too much time. I couldn't imagine having to work an eight hour day with this guy.

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Andrea said...

"maybe" he's the REAL John Lennon & the person the government CLAIMS to have been John Lennon, who was killed, was the REAL long distance trucker.....what do you think about THAT! LOL! Sounds like a crazy hitchhiker to me - you sure do like fun!