Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Worn Out Wednesday

I've had way too much to do today. Actually, everyday is like that. I just usually choose not to worry too much about getting everything done. However, today, I was on a mission to get some stuff accomplished. And now, I am completely worn out because of it.

I was sorting and washing clothes that were given to me. They hadn't been stored very well and had a musty odor. I had to wash the clothes so that I could sort through them because I just couldn't stand the smell. It actually caused me to have a mild asthma attack.

Sarah is still sick and home from school. I don't think she'll be going tomorrow either. She's still not feeling very well, still vomiting every once in a while, and still running a high fever. Since there is no school on Friday, she'll have missed the entire week of school if she stays home again. I may have to take her back to the doctor on Friday.

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Heather said...

I hope Sarah feels better soon!