Monday, April 28, 2008


Sarah called me from school early this afternoon to tell me that she's not feeling well and needs me to come pick her up. I asked her what was wrong and she said that her stomach, head, and throat all hurt. Since I know that those are the signs of Strep throat, and she was calling me from her favorite class (Orchestra), I knew she must really be sick.

When I got Sarah home, I checked her temperature, and it was 100.3, so I called the doctor to get her an appointment. They gave us one at 3:00, which was perfect since I would be picking Emily up from school around 2:30.

I guess there must be something going around, or maybe it was just a fluke, because the waiting room was extremely crowded when we arrived. For a while, we didn't even have anywhere to sit. Granted, there were some chairs missing, but there were still more people standing than chairs missing. I won't even go into the scary people that were there today.

Eventually, we got to see Dr. Bob. We really love Dr. Bob. He examined Sarah and said that her glands were swollen and her throat was very red. He took a swab to test for Strep. Emily actually got it out of the drawer for him, since we've done this enough times for her to know where they keep them. Dr. Bob also took a quick look at Emily's throat because she started claiming she was sick, too, while we were in there.

Well, Sarah's Strep test came back negative. It always does, though, so it wasn't a shock to me. I like to call what my girls get "Almost Strep" or "Not Strep" since they have all of the symptoms of Strep, but I get them in to the doctor before it has a chance to become full blown Strep.

So, Dr. Bob wrote Sarah a prescription for an antibiotic (liquid because she won't swallow pills), and told me that if Emily gets worse and starts running a fever to call him and he would just call something in for her so I don't have to go back. Have I mentioned that we LOVE Dr. Bob?

I don't know if Sarah is going to be feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow. If she wakes up feeling like she does now, I doubt she'll be going.

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