Monday, April 14, 2008


My lack of sleep is killing me. I've been spending so much time at the hospital that I have had very little time at home. So I've been staying up late to try to accomplish the minimal things I can. After a week of this stuff, I have developed a constant headache. It just does not go away. I even wake up with it.

My brother has to fly back to California tomorrow afternoon, so I am going to take this last opportunity to be away from the hospital to take Katie to a playdate in the morning** so she can play with her friends and expel some of her energy.

My mother may be released from the hospital tomorrow, and if she is, I'll be bringing her home to my house (whether she likes it or not). The doctor said that it's okay for her to be alone, but that it would be best if she wasn't, at least for a while.

Her doctor feels that she needs to have people around her to keep her spirits up. Since he believes that the stress she has been under is what has caused her heart failure, keeping her stress-free is very important. And since my mother does nothing but worry when she's left to her own devises, I'll be providing as much distraction for her as possible.

**Oy! My days are so screwed up right now that I thought the playdate was tomorrow, but it's not until Wednesday. I guess I'll just spend so time loving on Katie instead and we'll try to make the playdate on Wednesday, if we can.


Debbie said...

Hopefully you can get back into a routine and just maybe, a little time for yourself...Stop laughing, I did say maybe...LOL!

Heather said...

Sorry Melodie. Good luck with your mom, and I hope you get some sleep soon!

Andrea said...

Oh boy, Melodie! You have a lot on your plate!!! Wanna come over and stay in our guest room? You can escape for a few days...we won't tell anyone where you are! LOL! I hope things settle for you soon. Take care.