Saturday, April 5, 2008

You Want Fries With That?

I got a phone call Thursday night informing me that Emily's soccer coach had just received an email indicating that our team was scheduled for concession stand duty this morning. Pretty short notice, huh? Of course, I said that I'd volunteer my services. On top of that, I volunteered Sarah's services, too.

We were supposed to work from 10:30 to 12:30. Since Emily's game* was over by 10:00, Sarah and I went ahead and got an early start on our two-hour shift, in hopes of possibly leaving at noon instead of 12:30. There were two volunteers working the first shift when we got there, so it wasn't too crowded with the two of us added into the mix.

At 10:30, two more volunteers arrived, and the first shift left. Then at 10:50, two more volunteers showed up. It got quite crowded with so many people behind the one counter. Sarah went into the back to see if there was anything else she could do, and she got the job of restocking the Gatorade fridge. She did a wonderful job, too.

At 12:30, when the third shift was supposed to show up, no one did. The volunteers who had shown up late at 10:50, were the first to have the "Oh, well; Not my problem" attitude and take off. The other two volunteers stuck around until about 12:45, but then they, too, exited the scene.

So, from 12:30 until 2:30, it was just Sarah and me, along with the two man concession stand crew (the guy who runs the stand and the guy who cooks the food). The guy who runs the concession stand told us that if we didn't want to stay we didn't have to, but I told him that we really didn't have anything else to do except go home and clean or do yard work, so we stayed until they closed.

The concession stand guys said that we were such good volunteers, they'd love to have us back every Saturday. I told them that I didn't know about that, but I was definitely planning on coming back and working another day. Sarah said she'd like to come back again, too.

To thank us for such a job well done, they gave us all of the leftover hot dogs, burgers, and fries to take home for dinner. So, when we got home around 3:00, we had a nice early dinner. It was great not having to worry about what we were going to have for dinner or cook it either.

*Emily's team lost 2-1, but it was a hard fought battle and the girls did a great job considering that they only had four players and they all had to play the entire game.


Andrea said...

What a good Christian attitude, Melodie. You are a good role model for your girls - too many people have that "not my problem" attitude. We need more like you - and kudos to Sarah & Emily!!

Karen said...

That happened to me when I volunteered for the concession stand. No one showed up after my shift was up. Unfortunately, my parents were watching the kids for me and they were waiting for me to get home so we could eat dinner or else I would have stayed. They didn't have carseats for both the kids to get dinner. I felt really bad leaving though.

Debbie said...

I have a friend at Jilian's school that often experiences volunteer's not showing up - that are scheduled to help out...Understandably, things happen, but its tough when you are relying on someone to help out or take over to give you a break....But you and your girls saved the day...After your early dinner, I'm sure you were a bit tired looking at burgers and hot dogs though....