Sunday, April 27, 2008

Moving Day

Now, don't go getting all excited. I'm not moving.

Today, we finally went back out to Lakeland to get most of the rest of my mother's stuff to take back to her house. I say most, because there are still a few things that we couldn't get to today. They're not things that she necessarily needs, just things that she wants. Yes, my mother is a pack-rat.

I have plans to go over to her house in the near future and start getting rid of some of the stuff that she has accumulated. I told her that I need to do it now, so it's not completely overwhelming when she's dead. By the way, I told her this before she had the heart attacks, so do go thinking that I'm being all morbid because of her illness.

When talking to mom about her being a pack-rat, she first tried to defend herself by saying that there are many people who are worse that she is. I told her that just because someone else is worse, it doesn't make her any less of a pack-rat. Then, she claimed that it was okay that she has so much "stuff" because whenever anyone asks her if she has something, she usually does. So, I said that the only reason people ask her if she has something is because they know she has so much "stuff."

I'll never be able to convince her to just cut it all loose, and since Clean House only cleans out houses in the Los Angeles area, I'm just going to have to slowly get rid of things myself one by one.


Andrea said...

good luck there - isn't it funny how people rationalize! it may be therapeutic for you to throw that stuff out on her "behalf"!
Hey - THAT could be your May project for us to help! ha ha!

Heather said...

What about Clean Sweep? I think they are on the east coast. LOL. Good luck!