Monday, April 7, 2008

Not as Planned

Today did not go as planned. Not. Even. Close.

This is how my day was supposed to go:
Meet my mom at the dermatologist's office for Sarah's appointment.
Try to go have lunch with my dad.
Do a little shopping for household necessities.
Go home and start cleaning out and organizing my garage and garage sale items.

This is how my day actually went:
Get phone call from mom saying she's too sick to meet us at the dermatologist's office, and could I please bring her stuff to her at her new place in Lakeland after the appointment.
Go to Sarah's appointment.
Get another phone call from mom while in office.
Tell her I'll call her back when we're done.
Call mom back from parking lot after appointment. She tells me she's too sick for the girls to be around and asks me to please call her doctor and leave a message for him to call her back.
Call her doctor and get put on hold for the entire drive home from the doctor's office.
Finally get through to a person at mom's doctor's office only to be told that he's on vacation until the 16th.
Call mom back to tell her and get asked to go get her some medicine from the pharmacy and bring it to her in Lakeland. (Stacy - she lives just a couple of miles north of you off of County Line Rd.)
Go to Walgreens to try to find the medicine that she wants only to be told by pharmacist that they don't make an OTC version.
Call mom back and get asked to come drive her to the ER or a walk-in clinic since she needs medicine.
Get three more phone calls from mom on my drive out to Lakeland.
Get to her house and get told that her boyfriend is taking her to the ER and I have to wait at the house for the cable guy to show up sometime between 2:00 and 5:00.
Wait for cable guy who amazingly shows up a half-hour early (WOW!) but has all sorts of trouble with the 100+ year old house and was still working on it when I finally left after 6:00.
Finally drive home after my LONG day of doing nothing but waiting.

So, you may be asking some questions. Why did Sarah have to go to the dermatologist? Why was my mother so sick? Where were the girls during all of this time?

Sarah went to the dermatologist this morning to have a mole on her head removed. She's had it most of her life and as she has grown, so has it. Whenever she brushed her hair, she would sometimes catch it with her hair brush. Sometimes when that happened, the mole would bleed. She wanted to have it removed, so I took her to the dermatologist to get it done.

My mother, who is finally out of the ER, has some sort of really severe stomach virus. They finally got her feeling a bit better, rehydrated her, and stopped the vomiting. Hopefully, she'll be feeling better soon.

Since I wasn't supposed to be spending the entire day in Lakeland (I was just supposed to be driving my mom's stuff out to her and then back home), I left Sarah at home with Katie, who was due for a nap, and took Emily with me because she and Sarah had been fighting all morning.

Sarah ended up babysitting Katie all afternoon until Phil got home from work. I'm really glad that I can trust Sarah to take care of Katie like that. I'm also glad that I paid for that babysitter's certification class through the ARC last summer. Sarah definitely earned something for her service today. I'm going to have to discuss with Phil how we will reward her.

On the schedule for tomorrow? Another drive out to Lakeland for my and Sarah's optometrist appointments. Oh, and I may not be answering my phone tomorrow. You know, just in case. So, if you call me and I don't answer, please don't take it personally.


Andrea said...

Yikes! What a day! Not only does your daughter deserve some treat, YOU deserve a BIG something special. Your secret sister better be reading this - this is the perfect opportunity for her to seize!!! Turn off the phone, take a hot shower, have a drink...heck, have 2 drinks! Hope tomorrow is better!

Heather said...

Phew, rough day. I hope tomorrow goes MUCH smoother!

Kathy said...

Oh my gosh!! Sounds busy!!

Debbie said...

Wow, I'm tired just thinking about how hectic your day was...Hope your mom is feeling better and Sarah's procedure is healing well....It is neat that you have your older daughters and can trust them to help out with Katie when the unexpected occurs like yesterday! Good Luck today...(I would leave the phone off too! LOL!)