Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday, Sarah went on a field trip to Islands of Adventure with her school orchestra and band. They were performing in City Walk, and then they spent the rest of the day in the theme park.

At some point in the day, Sarah was being attacked by or playing with (I'm kind of fuzzy on the details) her friend's little brother and tripped and fell and hit her knee on a bench. When she was getting ready for bed last night, she showed us her knee and it was swollen really big. So, I had her put ice on it and rest with it up for a while before bed.

This morning when Sarah got out of bed, her knee was still really swollen. I called the doctor and got her an appointment and told her she was staying home from school. When we saw the doctor, he said that because it didn't hurt her when he twisted her knee from side to side, she probably hadn't torn or injured any ligaments. But since it was very swollen and hurt to bend past a certain point or straighten completely, Sarah was sent for x-rays.

After the x-rays, the tech said that they would sent the report to the doctor today, and the doctor's nurse had told us that they would call me with the results as soon as they had them, but we still haven't heard anything. Most likely, nothing is broken, but it would still be nice to know for sure.

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