Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little Sneak

Can someone please explain to me Katie's fascination with putting the dog's or cat's food in their water? She does this every chance she gets. Whenever nobody is looking, she sneaks into the laundry room to put the animals' food into their water.

It mostly happens with the cat's food and water, because she can hide better where we keep them than she can with the dog's food and water. Yes, she knows what she is doing is wrong, and that's why she is so quiet and sneaky when she does it.

Has anyone else ever had this problem, or is it just my kid that does this?


Scarlett said...

Isaac does this if I let him come outside when I feed our kitties that don't actually belong to us. I have no idea why they think that's a good thing to do.

Stacy said...

Stella used to do it too. It's just fascinating to them. LOL