Sunday, April 20, 2008

Free At Last

Mom was released from the hospital this evening!!!

After spending eleven days in the hospital, her doctors finally released her. There was some discussion about whether or not they'd keep her for another day, though. They worked so hard at getting her Coumadin levels up high enough to release her that they got it too high, and the doctors were considering keeping her another day to make sure it got lowered to an acceptable amount. But, I asked the doctors if it would be possible for her to just go to her primary doctor to have the levels checked, and they said that would be fine and released her.

So, tonight we had to take all of her prescriptions to the pharmacy to get them filled, and tomorrow morning I'll be calling her primary doctor to get her appointment there.

Also, now that mom is out of the hospital, I can schedule some much needed appointments for myself. I've been putting it off because I didn't know when mom would be out of the hospital and when her appointments for her doctors were going to be. But, now that she's out and we know when she needs to see her doctors, there are no more obstacles for me.

Oh, and she is definitely feeling like her normal self again. Right now, she's cleaning my kitchen instead of relaxing like I want her to. When I told her that she shouldn't be doing that, she argued that she was told that she could resume normal activities so long as she doesn't get winded doing them. So, if I keep her here long enough, my entire house should be sparkling!


Andrea said...

Glad to hear things are looking better. Hope your Mom's appts & yours go smoothly and the week is better for all!!

Heather said...

I'm so happy to hear your mom is "home" now and doing well. Good luck with the appointment tomorrow!

Holly said...

Hooray! Glad your mom is home with you!