Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Eye Doctor

Sarah and I had appointments with our optometrist friend this morning. We each had thorough eye exams, dilations and all, and our eyes are perfectly healthy. My vision has pretty much stayed about the same for the past three or four years, but I needed a new contact lens prescription since my old one was expired.

Sarah, on the other hand, is very near-sighted, and her prescription just keeps getting worse. We learned something new today, something that in all of my years of working in optometry offices I had never heard. Dr. Harrell told Sarah that as she gets more near-sighted, her eyes will actually start to stretch and elongate. This stretching may leave her retinas more vulnerable to damage. Dr. Harrell discussed with her some of the warning signs to watch out for and told her to let him know if she experiences any of them.

Boy, I sure do love having something else to worry about for my kids!

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