Thursday, April 24, 2008

Farewell, Fuzzball

Well, I finally did it. After calling the Humane Society everyday hoping that they would get an opening for Fuzzball, I finally gave up waiting and took him down to Animal Services this afternoon.

When I got there, the first thing they did was take him to be weighed. They told me that if he didn't weigh at least 1.7 pounds, they would have to euthanize him. They told me that they were having to do that because people were bringing in litters of kittens that were too small to survive without their mothers and they would just die anyway. I told the lady that if Fuzzball didn't weigh enough I would just take him back home with me until he got bigger.

When the other girl came back in with Fuzzball, she announced that Fuzzball weighed in at 1.75 pounds. She also said that their head vet had been in there when she took him in to weigh him and had taken a look at him. Since he was healthy, hefty, and cute as can be, it was up to them if they wanted to keep him.

They then gave me a paper with statistics on it to read and sign. The paper said that they receive 33,000 animals per year and only 7% of cats and 22% of dogs get adopted. I had to sign something about me understanding that they cannot keep animals past their normal holding time. So, I asked them what their "normal holding time" was, so I could check to see if Fuzzball had been adopted before his time was up. They said that they make the decision right away if they are going to keep the animals or euthanize them, and that they were definitely going to be keeping Fuzzball until he gets adopted.

So, even though I was sad to have to give Fuzzball up, I felt better knowing that he will soon have a new home. He's so cute and sweet, I'm sure he won't have to wait long for his new family.

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Anonymous said...

He's so cute. I wish I could have a cat!!