Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I am so sick of hearing these people lie, and lie, and lie some more. Especially the grandmother, Cindy Anthony. She's the one who called the police to tell them that her granddaughter was missing and it smelled like there was a decomposing body in her daughter's car trunk. Now she claims it was an old pizza box that she smelled. Right... Because a rotten pizza and a dead body smell so much alike. Sure.

And now the FBI has tested the trunk and the evidence they have found in it, and determined that the smell was caused by a decomposing body, and Caylee's DNA was also there. There is also tons of other evidence that they have not released to the public. Based on the evidence, the FBI has determined that Caylee is dead. And Cindy still denies that Caylee is dead or that her daughter, Casey, had anything to do with it. Is she delusional or just flat out lying? My bet is that she is lying.

This whole thing just makes me sick.


Andrea said...

The whole thing is a horrible, despicable situation. What I have never quite understood though is why the little girl's Mom's mental health has not been questioned. From day one she sounded incredibly paranoid and always had this half-smirk on her face - yes, some people react in odd ways to stress but something is not right there. But why is anyone listening to her - the young lady has serious mental health issues...her judgement is impaired clearly. The grandmother has been backpeddling for over a month now from initiating the call/search for her granddaughter to now believing her wacko daughter. Sadly, I have a feeling nothing will be found out about this little girl...until someone accidentally comes across her remains. What a horrible, horrible thing. We are giving this family way too much media attention - put the little girl's picture up on the news so it is about they used to do about Madelyn McCann..but don't give the family any more attention.

Scarlett said...

I agree... something is definitely not right with her. Didn't I read somewhere that she never wanted the child to start with and really wanted to put her up for adoption, but her mother guilted her into keeping her? I'm disgusted every time I hear anything to do with this story.