Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dead Fish

While he did last for quite a while, Fishy Version 2.0 has passed away. I really loved that fish, too. He had quite the personality and I could tell he loved me, too. He would always get so excited when ever he saw me with his fish food. And I loved the way he would sleep in the little plastic plant in his tank.

Since Fishy V2.0 was gone, and Katie was very unhappy with the empty tank, Phil decided that we needed to replace him right away. But he didn't want any more Betas. So, we picked out a couple of glo-fish and guppies, and threw in a pleco for good measure. After getting them home, Phil put them all into our fish tank.

I have no idea what the problem was, but our green glo-fish started acting crazy and died within the first ten minutes he was in the tank. Within the next 10-15 minutes, his pink counterpart was also dead. We'll be returning them to Walmart first thing tomorrow.

So far, the pleco and guppies are still with us and seem to be doing well. Hopefully, when we wake up in the morning they'll still be with us.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering about how I am feeling today, I'm not feeling any better yet. I really shouldn't have gone out of the house at all today, but I was afraid to send Phil to pick out the fish by himself, or worse, with the girls. It was a completely miserable experience for me since I was running a fever and was achy all over from that.

I really want to go to Mass in the morning, but I'm just not sure I'll be up to it. Please pray that I'll wake up feeling great in the morning so I can make it to Mass. I would assume that if God really wants me there, He'll make it easier for me to get there.

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Takeme4aride11 said...

Hi the same thing happend to my glofish today. It swam around the tank crazy then died.