Tuesday, September 30, 2008


There are reasons that we have helmet laws in this country. It's because they save lives. Even low speed accidents can lead to deadly head injuries when helmets aren't worn.

Today, I found out that my step-son's little brother was in an ATV accident when he wasn't wearing a helmet. He and his little sister were in a go-cart being pulled behind an ATV when the go-cart crashed into a concrete pole. Both children flew out of the go-cart. The girl was thrown clear, but the boy flew head first into the concrete pole. The girl had no injuries, but the boy had severe head injuries and was declared brain-dead yesterday. Though we'll never know for sure, he may have survived if he had been wearing a helmet. Or a seat belt.

My step-son was present for and witnessed the entire event. As I'm sure you can imagine, he's having a pretty difficult time dealing with it all.

Some good did come from this tragic event, though. The boy's organs were donated and helped to save several other children's lives. Organ donation is literally giving the gift of life. If you are not already an organ donor, I urge you to become one.


Karen said...

I'm very sorry that your step son has to go through with this. Their whole family will be in my prayers. What an awful accident.

Debbie said...

Melodie, I am so sorry to hear this...Not to be a downer because you need to read this until the end.

George's cousin up in NY, my age, had an ATV accident when he was 16 or 17. Same thing...The doctor's declared him brain-dead and said basically that he would never be able to function in society, work, finish school, etc.

Today, Derek lives on his own, drives and works at a head trauma place. He works with the patients and is a counselor to them for something he went through. He does suffer from some seizures and there are after affects to his accident, but his life has grown to be something meaninful to himself and all the people around him....life and God can defy the odds....

Ashley. Unscripted... said...

I totally agree with you. I did a clinical in an ICU. My very first patient was a woman who had been thrown from an ATV. She had a needle in her skull to relieve intra-cranial pressure. She was clinically brain dead, but they had to wait for the family to decide to let her go. It was awful.
We had another guy who had skidded across the interstate on his head after a motorcycle accident. Road rash is never pretty, especially not when it's on your HEAD.