Friday, September 5, 2008

School Nurse

Emily got a headache at school today. She gets frequent headaches and has been treated by a neurologist for migraine headaches since she was in second grade. So, Emily went to the school nurse with her headache and the nurse took her temperature. The nurse said that she had a fever of 99.9.

Between the headache and the fever, it sounded like Emily might be coming down with something, so I took her to the doctor. While we love, love, love Dr. Bob, it was a big waste of time and money (which we are short on to begin with). Emily did not have a fever, and while her throat was slightly red, there was no strep and no other sign of infection at all. A couple of ibuprofen tablets later and Emily was good as new.

Do you think I could convince the school nurse to reimburse me for the $20 copay I spent because she said my kid was sick?

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Michelle said...

Good luck with that. Maybe take her temperature yourself next time.