Friday, September 5, 2008

Thank You. Goodnight.

My little performer has been putting on quite a few shows today. While we were at the doctor's office today (next blog post), Katie put on a little show in the waiting room. Of course, to signal that she was done with a song, she would tell me to clap each time.

But the funniest thing she has done by far, happened this evening while she was performing for Phil. When she finished a song, she actually said (and I'm not making this up), "Thank you. Goodnight." Next thing you know, she'll be reminding us to tip our waiters! This kid is a real trip!


Michelle said...

HAHAHA! She's so funny. That's great. :)

Andrea said...

Be careful...she might find Sarah's violin case and lay it on the floor open, for tips during the show! What a performer! Not that I'm trying to push Patrick's future bride on someone else BUT wouldn't she & Tyler be a cute traveling performers couple!