Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting There

Well, it seems that Katie is getting over this thing a lot quicker than I am. She is no longer running a fever. YAY!! She woke up with a little fever this morning, but after one dose of ibuprofen, her fever went away and never came back. Words cannot express how thrilled I am about this.

As for me, I still have that nasty cough and drainage, but it does seem to be lightening up some. Hopefully after a nice restful weekend, I'll be all better by Monday. Please cross your fingers that this actually happens.

I had been hoping to take Katie to Busch Gardens on Saturday for a little while to see some of the animals, but Phil went and dashed those plans for me by decided to go get his son for the weekend. Since I don't feel up to taking Katie anywhere on my own yet, we'll have to try it again some other time, I guess. It would have been perfect to do it this weekend, though, because I already have to drive Sarah and Emily to our church in Tampa on Saturday morning so they can go on a youth group service project trip. Our church is only about ten minutes away from Busch Gardens (yes, we do drive quite a way to get to church), so by combining the two trips, into one, we could have saved money on gas. Oh, well!


Andrea said...

I'm glad the tide is turning! I hope sweet little Katie is back to her usual self soon! I think you should get that Neti pot and wash those sinuses out! Feel better!

Michelle said...

Glad Katie is feeling better... I think the Nettie Pot is a great idea. I want one for myself!