Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Isaak

Phil and I went to the Chris Isaak and Lisa Loeb concert last night. Phil and I went to see Chris Isaak almost nine years ago and thoroughly enjoyed his show. We knew we wanted to see him again because his show is just SO great. I had been to see Lisa Loeb about ten years ago, and I love her music, so the fact that she was opening for Chris Isaak was just icing on the cake.

If you have never seen Chris Isaak in concert before, you really should try to catch one. He is just so darn funny that his shows are like a concert and a comedy routine all rolled into one.

Lisa Loeb's set wasn't very long, but she was as beautiful and gracious as always. She played a few of my favorite songs, as well as a few songs from her new children's CD Camp Lisa. I wanted to go meet her after her set, but I didn't want to risk missing a second of Chris Isaak's set.

As expected, Chris Isaak did not disappoint. He was as amazing and funny as always. And he must have some of those Dick Clark genes, because the guy has not aged a bit over the past decade. And I should know. I got up close and personal with the guy.

Chris came out into the audience a couple of times during the show, and the first time he did, he came into my row. Not only did he come into my row, but he stopped right in front of me!!! Unfortunately, he grabbed the drunk-ass old woman sitting next to me, instead of me, while he was singing.

However, that did leave his posterior free for the grabbing. Yes, since I didn't get a full-on hug from the guy, I made up for it by grabbing his behind one good time!

At the end of the song he was singing while out in the audience, he went back up on stage and Lisa Loeb came out to finish it out with him.

So after getting up close and personal with Chris Isaak, I was on a natural high and I enjoyed the concert even more. His hot pink rhinestone suit was awesome, too. Take a look at these pics that I took.

The last time Phil and I saw Chris Isaak, he came out onto the stage at one point wearing a full mirror-ball style suit. We were hoping he'd wear it again last night, and we were not disappointed. Chris donned the suit for the band's extra long encore.

You've just got to love a man who can pull off both a hot pink rhinestone suit AND a mirror-ball suit!

I must also mention that Chris's band was as amazing and hilarious as usual, too. Those guys really seem to have so much fun together on stage.

Edited to Add: Believe it or not, these are not all of the photos I took last night. You can click here to view all of them.


Michelle said...

Oh yeah. So glad I was there that night too. Glad you got some good pictures, because my camera phone shots sucked!!! Definitely one of the best shows ever! Love him.

Andrea said...

Hey, do you have a Press Pass, lady?? LOL! What great seats! I bet it was a great show - well, except for Chris Isaak obviously being too intimidated to approach a beautiful, strong woman like you so he chickened out & grabbed the old lush! His loss!

Ashley. Unscripted... said...

He makes those outfits work.